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An Analysis of Resident Response to Monkeypox Messaging from Local Health Departments


As Monkeypox cases are being confirmed across the US, city and county governments and their health departments are tasked with communicating about this emerging public health threat - informing the public about risk and mitigation and rolling out a vaccination program. This new virus brings with it its own unique challenges, as well as embodying the lingering resentment and trauma of Covid-19.

The pandemic established local governments and their health departments as crucial players in educating and informing their residents about the virus’ spread in the community, how to avoid it, and how to protect themselves against it. Zencity analyzed resident conversations about Monkeypox, specifically in response to communication and messaging released by local health departments and city or county governments. Data from over 280 of our partner communities provides valuable insights into what pushback can be expected and what messaging is proving to be effective.


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