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Announcing Zencity’s Partnership with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Announcing Zencity’s Partnership with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Announcing Zencity’s Partnership with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office
I am constantly inspired by the innovative ways data can be harnessed to improve the relationship of trust between public safety agencies and the community they serve. Last Thursday, November 2nd, I had the honor of joining Sheriff John Mina of the Orange County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) in Florida at a press conference that showcased the agency's leadership in innovation: the launch of the first round of Zencity Blockwise public survey results in Orange County.

I have admired Sheriff Mina since he rose to national prominence in his strong and compassionate leadership when his community faced tragedy in 2016 when he served as Orlando Police Chief. It was a unique honor to join him last week and to have his agency join the Blockwise network at Zencity.

The Initiative:  

Since September, Zencity and the OCSO have been rolling out a series of anonymous surveys across Orange County, Florida, crafted to gauge the community's sentiment toward law enforcement. The intent was clear – to listen, really listen, to the voices of the people and act on it. As Sheriff Mina emphasized, the goal of the Orange County Sheriff's Office has always been twofold: to reduce crime and ensure public safety, all while maintaining a deep connection with community needs and concerns.

The Approach: 

Through Zencity's surveys disseminated via ad networks and reaching citizens through social media and news websites, we've captured over 3,100 unique individual voices in the first two months, each sharing their unique perspective on safety and law enforcement in their neighborhoods. The questions include:


  •  "How safe do you feel regarding the threat of crime in your neighborhood?"
  • "How willing would you be to contact the Orange County Sheriff's Office if you were a victim of crime or worried about something?"
  • "What is the No. 1 issue or problem on your block or in your neighborhood that you would like the police to deal with?"

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The Outcomes

The findings from the first round of surveys in September and October of 2023 have been enlightening. Residents have not only expressed a supportive stance toward the OCSO but also provided invaluable feedback that has empowered the agency to be more responsive and precise in their strategies. Sheriff Mina praised the enhanced ability of the agency to respond proactively to community issues and concerns and cited examples of what the agency had learned in the first few months.


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Moving Forward

The dialogue with the community is ongoing, with the Blockwise survey being active 365 days a year, bringing continuous data and improvements. Every piece of feedback is a puzzle piece in the larger picture of community safety, and each survey is a bridge to understanding the evolving needs of Orange County residents. 

A Shared Vision

At Zencity, we stand with the Orange County Sheriff's Office and forward-thinking leaders like Sheriff John Mina in their commitment to public safety. This partnership, grounded in data and driven by community voice, is just the beginning. We are excited about the future—a future where technology serves as an accelerant for community trust across the entire country.


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