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COVID-19 in College Towns - Unique Impacts and Recovery Strategies

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About the webinar

Many US college towns are acquainted with the slowdown of local businesses in summertime, as students have completed the school year and returned to their hometowns. However, the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated that reality by shutting down businesses and forcing students to leave campuses starting in the month of March. Local government leaders needed to mitigate the income loss for local businesses, landlords, residents and college personnel, and concurrently consider the impact of COVID-19 on city income tax.

This webinar focuses on COVID-19’s unique economic impact on college towns and recovery strategies, data insights, and ideas for resource collaboration.


Key Topics

Tom, Steve and Eric each share their unique COVID-19 response efforts and how plans towards the reopening of the economy and colleges. These include:

businessCollaborating with local universities and fellow towns to create a unified front for federal or state assistance usersEnsuring the count of student residents for Census 2020 827737fb-chalange_000000000000000000001Crafting COVID-19 communications that serve both student and non-student residents



Tom Fountaine

Borough Manager

State College, PA

Steve Patterson


Athens, OH

Eric Hanson

Assistant City Manager

Normal, IL