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COVID-19 in May - Key City Leadership Decisions to Consider

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About the webinar

Continuing our City Leadership webinar series, Zencity and Lee Feldman, City Manager of Gainesville, FL, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on city operations and key questions for management to consider as they look towards the future.

Gainesville's residents, over 52,000 of whom are university students, were highly impacted by closures of school and university, as well as many entertainment establishments that were frequented by the local community. As former President of ICMA, Lee shares his key city management tips and vision for reopening the economy.


Key Topics

Lee shares his observations on the impact of COVID-19 and expert criteria
for executing city decisions moving forward. These include:

e1ee01b5-cycle_000000000000000000001Key initiatives to maintain city continuity 827737fb-chalange_000000000000000000001Best practices to consider when reopening the economy usersAdjusting to school and university closures



Lee Feldman

City Manager

Gainesville, Florida