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Webinar: Efficient and Time-Saving Community Engagement

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About the webinar


In an era where community involvement is paramount to your success, Zencity offers scalable and cost-effective solutions to perform a full cycle of resident feedback, even with limited resources:

  • Harness the power of hearing from your residents across major social media platforms like Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to collect invaluable feedback on resident sentiment and current projects.
  • Share authoritative information on projects and initiatives taken by your local government, with the ability to receive public feedback and collaborate on their design and implementation
  • Close the loop of listening and collecting feedback by transparently publishing outcomes.
  • Use AI to save time and resources - lift the burden of so many day-to-day tasks; from crafting polished posts and press releases using generative AI, to building an entire website in just a few minutes, to generating reports for your leadership with just a few clicks. 

    Discover how this approach can help transform your community engagement during our upcoming webinar, but don’t take it only from us - you can also hear this firsthand from our customers - Angie Sharp, Community Engagement Manager at the City of Bettendorf, Chris Graham, Community Information Officer at the City of Deland, and Sue Burness, Director of Communications at the City of Dunedin. 



Sue Burness

Director of Communications

City of Dunedin

Angie Sharp

Community Engagement Manager

City of Bettendorf

Chris Graham

Community Information Manager

City of DeLand