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How to Engage with your Citizens about City Proposed Ballot Measures

City-sponsored ballot measures and general obligation bonds are usually high stakes and often involve significant funding requests that can also influence the budget capacity of basic services within local government. With the use of technology, a city can more effectively engage with its community about upcoming ballot measures. Technology can help a city find out and understand if the public is lacking information, or if there is a need to better communicate to residents about the details of different measures.

At Zencity, we have had the opportunity to work with cities from across the country and learn what worked and what didn’t first-hand when communicating and informing communities about general obligation bonds and ballot measures. With our new guide, A Guide to Effectively Engaging With Your Citizens About City Proposed Ballot Measures, you, at city hall, can learn:

  • How to listen and engage with your residents
  • How to take a more data-driven approach to provide insights if a ballot measure needs to be scrapped or changed
  • And much more!

Download the guide and happy reading.

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