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How to get your council to say YES! Using Data

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About the webinar

A stable and positive relationship between a local government manager and their council is crucial to the success of any city, town, county, or village. The use of good data, both qualitative and quantitative, in order to inform your decision-making process can assist in ensuring your council is satisfied, your residents are equally represented, and resources are prioritized and used in a well-thought-out manner.

ICMA, Zencity, and local government leaders from the Midwest share experiences, successes, and challenges in getting their council on board with strategic decisions.


Key Topics


What data tools are available to improve the relationship between council and managers


How data can be useful for making decisions that serve the broader needs of the community


Ways you can still hear from residents who aren’t emailing and calling their council members regularly


Overcoming challenges with analyzing and understanding "big data"




Decker P. Ploehn

City Administrator

Bettendorf, IA

Jon D. Kindseth

Deputy City Manager

Decatur, IL
Eyal-Feder-levy-150x150-1 (1)

Eyal Feder-Levy

CEO & Co-Founder