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Introducing the New & Improved Report Builder!

A crucial piece of feedback we’ve heard our local government partners repeat over the years is that they need to be able to easily share the data they see on the Zencity dashboard with stakeholders in their organization. 

We get it. Producing and sharing reports is part of local governments’ everyday workflows (it’s a big part of ours, too; local government and tech companies, we’re not so different after all). So we started thinking, what would make this process infinitely more convenient and efficient?

Introducing the new & improved Report Builder: Significant time-saving and a more delightful way to create and share reports effortlessly, seamlessly, and soon – even automatically.

Let’s dive in!


A template for every need: You know best what your report should look like. Now you can design and customize templates from scratch and re-use them in the future. Create as many templates as you need  – for every department, project, or team – and turn them into reports in a matter of minutes.


A 360 Overview of Engagement: Data from Organic, Engage, Surveys, and Publishing; all of your data sets in one report so that you can provide the most comprehensive overview of your resident discourse and sentiment.


An intuitive new interface: Control the length and readability of your report with page numbers and page breaks; name and customize your report to truly make it your own; and never worry again about losing your work halfway with the new auto-save feature!


Sharing is caring (and effortless): Creating amazing reports is one thing, getting them to where they need to go is another. Now, sharing your reports has never been easier, whether you’re sharing internally or externally. 


Coming soon – Automatically-generated and scheduled reports: Do you know what’s even better than creating template-based reports? Doing it just once. The report will be generated at your preferred cadence and sent automatically to pre-selected recipients. Those time-consuming monthly reports? Cross them off your to-do list, for good.


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