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Lessons from Counties on the COVID-19 Frontlines

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About the webinar

As discussions on reopening the economy increased across the US, local government leaders were torn between those in favor of reopening, and those who thought it was best to stay closed for the time being. For counties, this challenge was compounded with the strive to navigate state guidelines and the diverse needs of cities, local businesses and communities, all the while considering the spread of COVID-19 in neighboring regions.

In this webinar, local government leaders from McHenry County, IL, Nevada County, CA and Ottawa County, MI share their experience and lessons learned while crafting their own COVID-19 response and recovery.


Key Topics

We discuss each county's unique approach to their COVID-19 response
and how they collaborated with different teams and departments
to plan towards reopening. These include:


Managing an unprecedented crisis when playbooks and benchmarks aren't available


Communicating ever-changing information while maintaining credibility

balanceBalancing CDC and state guidelines with the needs of cities and local communities



Dealing with resident misinformation regarding jurisdictional responsibilities




Mali Dyck

Assistant CEO

Nevada County, CA

Alan Venderberg

County Administrator

Ottawa County, MI

Scott Hartman

Deputy County Administrator

McHenry County, IL

Alicia Schueller

Assistant to the CountyAdministrator

McHenry County, IL