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Reopening Local Government: Best Practices & Research

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About the webinar

As local governments reopen to the public, there are many important considerations for the safety of employees, local businesses, and community members.

This webinar provides perspectives on the reopening experiences in Jackson, Mississippi, and Lewisville, Texas, and also includes data and research from Zencity on reopening concepts.

We discuss how local governments adjusted communications and policies regarding summertime activities and events. View the webinar to learn more about how your community can prepare for reopening and agile policy making in response to COVID-19.


Key Topics

Jordan, James and Assaf talk about different approaches for managing reopening efforts, and the data sets to support these decisions. These include:

decisions-copy-2Key data points that can support decision-making usersShifts in communications and policies regarding community events CollectSupporting local businesses in their reopening efforts



Jordan Rae Hillman

Director of Planning and Development

City of Jackson, MI

James Kunke

Community Relations & Tourism Director

City of Lewisville, TX
Assaf-Frances-Headshot-scaled (1)

Assaf Frances

Director of Urban Policy