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Reopening US Cities: Balancing Resident Safety and Economic Recovery

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About the webinar

As US cities and counties started to reopen, local government leaders were facing the challenge of reopening businesses and services while preventing and containing COVID-19 outbreaks. How could cities maintain transparent and ongoing communication with their communities to make sure that residents feel confident and comply with health guidelines? What metrics did leaders consider when lifting limitations regarding parks, pools and other facilities?

We discuss these critical questions and more with Dave Zebell, City Manager of Pasco, WA, Gary Halbert, City Manager of Chula Vista, CA and Dennis Gakunga, Chief Sustainability Officer of Chula Vista, CA.

Key Topics

Gary, Dave and Dennis discuss their COVID-19 response efforts and
questions considered around reopening. These include:


Ensuring resident safety while social distancing guidelines are lifted


Adjusting city services and facilities to a new normal


Increasing community compliance and resilience through communications



Gary Halbert

City Manager

Chula Vista, CA

Dave Zabell

City Manager

Pasco, WA

Dennis Gakunga

Chief Sustainability Officer

Chula Vista, CA