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Top Local Government Conferences to Attend (In-person or Virtually) in 2021

2020 required a new approach to conferences, events and summits, with many moving to the virtual realm thanks to COVID-19. With 2021 just ahead, we’re here to help with your conference planning! We’ve done the legwork for you by compiling a list of the top Local Gov conferences from across the country to attend in the new year, beyond your annual State conference. These conferences bring together some of the most renowned authorities, and the sessions are filled with practitioners who offer up their insight and experience across all aspects of local government, providing the ultimate environments for promoting knowledge exchange. While some may take place in person, expect to see a variation of hybrid conferences in 2021, with many providing both a virtual and in-person experience. For those digital events, check out our tips for how you can make the most of your virtual experience.

Extra bonus! Zencity will be attending some of these events, and we hope to catch you there.

  1. TLG Govapalooza

    • When? March 1-5, 2021
    • Where? Online 
    • Dedicated to helping local government movers and shakers achieve their goals, TLG Govapalooza celebrates the very best in local government across North America. An essential destination for local government professionals, the event features inspirational sessions, idea-generating showcases, interactive seminars, practical workshops, and a variety of networking opportunities. We’re looking forward to this year’s themes, which include climate and environment, public safety, equity and inclusion, and economic revitalization.
  2. ICMA Regional Conferences 2021

    • When? March-April 2021
    • Where? Online
    • ICMA offers a wide array of regional conferences (Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Mountain Plains, West Coast) to share lessons learned and explore strategies and best practices for advancing the local government profession. Beyond attending annual conferences, these events are an opportunity for a more intimate experience to be inspired, build skills, network with colleagues, and develop meaningful relationships with your local government practitioners from across the nation.
  3. Smart Cities Connect Virtual Conference and Expo

    • When? April 13-14, 2021
    • Where? Online
    • Smart Cities Connect Virtual Conference and Expo provides meaningful content, bringing together high-powered decision-makers from each part of the smart city ecosystem to empower cities at all stages of growth. This conference works to accelerate the adoption of smart technology solutions, aid in problem-solving, and amplify city resources for the betterment of cities, communities, and their citizens. For anyone involved in the smart city movement, this conference is a ca n’t-miss!
  4. IACP Technology Conference 2021

    • When: May 17-19, 2021
    • Where: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (subject to change)
    • Explore the latest technology issues confronting law enforcement each year at IACP’s Technology Conference. Attended by law enforcement executives, IT managers, crime analysts, investigators, patrol officers, and state and local CIOs and CTOs seeking to obtain training, professional development, and a forum to share best practices and lessons learned on a broad array of current and emerging technologies. We’re looking forward to hearing about the latest technological developments for the law enforcement community.
  5. The Smart City Event

    • When? June 22-25, 2021
    • Where? Miami Beach, Florida
    • Attend IoT Evolution’s Smart City Event to hear how IoT is driving smart city innovations that are changing the face of today’s modern cities and counties. Discover the latest innovations in IoT solutions, from effectively managing municipal water supplies to discussing the value of big data in smart city development, municipal Wi-Fi, and new IoT insurance business models that efficiently report and monitor risk factors.
  6. NACo Annual Conference and Exposition

    • When? July 16-19, 2021
    • Where? Austin, Texas
    • With the goal of strengthening America’s counties, NACo’s (the National Association of Counties) Annual Conference and Exposition is the largest meeting of county-elected and appointed officials from across the United States. Thousands of county leaders will convene to adopt positions on pressing federal policies affecting counties and to exchange innovative solutions to challenges facing American communities.
  7. IACP 2021

    • When? September 11-14
    • Where? New Orleans, Louisiana
    • The IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) Annual Conference & Expo is the largest and most important law enforcement event of the year. With more than 14,000 public safety professionals in attendance annually, coming together to learn new techniques, advance their knowledge and careers, and equip their departments for ongoing success. Join thousands of dedicated professionals from federal, state, county, local, and tribal agencies providing the intelligence, strategies, and solutions they’ll need to sharpen their edge and better serve and protect.
  8. ELGL21

    • When? September 23-24, 2021
    • Where? Virtual and In-person
    • ELGL (Engaging Local Government Leaders) network’s annual conference covers a wide variety of local government topics designed to widen attendees’ world views about local public service and introduce new and important information to directly benefit their towns, cities, counties, and districts. We hope to see you there!
  9. 2021 ICMA Annual Conference

    • When? Oct 3 – 6, 2021
    • Where? Portland, Oregon
    • As the largest annual gathering in the world of local government managers and staff, this conference offers an abundance of educational, information-sharing, and networking tools to help local govs manage their community in today’s complex environment. Their educational exhibits also add an unparalleled opportunity for companies to reach an influential group of local government decision-makers and positively affect the way that local governments operate and conduct business.

We hope to see you at the conferences listed above! Can’t wait until the events to meet with Zencity’s team of experts? Contact us now!

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