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Transforming Community-Police Relations: Zencity Partners with the Minneapolis Police Department

Minneapolis's Zencity Partnership to Enhance Community-Police Relations
Minneapolis's Zencity Partnership to Enhance Community-Police Relations
We are thrilled to announce a partnership between Zencity and the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) to foster open communication and understanding between law enforcement and the Minneapolis community. This strategic collaboration underscores the commitment to innovation, transparency, and accountability by the Minneapolis Police Department leadership.

A New Era of Community Feedback 

Zencity has launched a powerful community perception survey in Minneapolis designed to provide residents with an accessible and convenient platform to share their thoughts, concerns, and feedback on the city's police department and public safety efforts. This digital survey, accessible through targeted ads on various digital platforms, allows residents to express their views on safety, police transparency, and interactions with law enforcement.

A Tool for Community Empowerment: 

Since October, Zencity has been working closely with the MPD to implement a cutting-edge "community perception survey." This initiative empowers residents of Minneapolis to contribute their thoughts, concerns, and feedback regarding public safety efforts and the performance of the police department. The survey is designed to provide real-time, honest, and objective insights that will be invaluable in shaping the future of community-police relations.

Hyper-Local Targeting for Seamless Participation: 

Residents don't need to search for the survey actively; instead, Zencity employs hyper-local targeting to deliver digital advertisements directly to electronic devices. This approach ensures that the voices of all Minneapolis residents, regardless of background or location, are heard. In just a few minutes, participants can provide valuable insights into their feelings of safety, concerns, and their perceptions of the police department.

Key Features of the Survey: 

The survey, available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Amharic, Oromo Lao, and Vietnamese, covers crucial aspects such as:

  • Residents' feelings of safety in their neighborhoods
  • Perceptions of the fairness of the justice process
  • Opinions on the transparency of the Minneapolis Police Department
  • Trust in police officers and their treatment of local residents

Transparent Reporting for Accountability: 

In alignment with the commitment to transparency and accountability, the city of Minneapolis will release survey results publicly every quarter. This ensures that residents are informed about the outcomes of their valuable contributions and that the MPD remains accountable for addressing community concerns.

Building Trust Together:


We are honored to participate in this transformative initiative with the Minneapolis Police Department. By facilitating meaningful dialogue and leveraging technology to bridge gaps, we aspire to create a safer, more connected Minneapolis where community voices play a crucial role in shaping the future of public safety.

Together, we look forward to building a community-police partnership that is built on trust and transparency.


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