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What Worked Best: Strategic City Decisions During the Onset of COVID-19

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About the webinar

In light of the early impact West Coast states faced from COVID-19, city leaders in Washington and California had to rapidly adapt and build solutions for managing the crisis as it evolved.

As part of our City Leadership webinar series, Zencity co-hosted a city management focused webinar with Bob Harrison (CAO - Renton, WA) and J.J. Murphy (City Manager - Palmdale, CA).

Bob and J.J. shared impactful lessons learned during the onset of the pandemic and how they adjusted approaches to different changes based on data.


Key Topics

Bob and J.J. talked about their personal experience with leading a city in face of a pandemic and planning steps towards reopening the economy, discussing the following:


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Prioritized industries when reopening the economy




Robert Harrison

Chief Administrative Officer

Renton, Washington

J.J Murphy

City Manager

Palmdale, California