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Zencity Selected To Join Microsoft ScaleUp Program

Zencity is honored to have been selected by tech giant Microsoft to take part in Microsoft ScaleUp, a global program dedicated to helping late-stage startups quickly scale. As part of the Microsoft for Startups initiative, Microsoft ScaleUp cherry-picks later stage startups to participate in an intense and unique international program. The outcomes include joint sales engagements and co-marketing opportunities designed to help catapult Zencity into a deep network of Microsoft professionals, partners, and experts.

Leading the Way in Accessible Technology Solutions for Local Government

Microsoft has long been paving the way for innovation globally, and nowhere is this more true than in the public sector. Microsoft has developed some of the most cutting-edge and accessible technology products in the world for local government. Ranging from day-to-day platforms, to advanced analytics, to core software, Microsoft is a key technology provider to many cities around the world. Zencity is excited to leverage these relationships as well as Microsoft’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence, data and the cloud to push forward the boundaries of the Zencity platform and the service we provide to local government leaders.

On the Microsoft side, Navot Volk, Managing Director of Microsoft ScaleUp Tel Aviv shares that,

[w]e’re delighted to work with Zencity in developing innovative, data-driven solutions for cities. At Microsoft ScaleUp, we’ve focused this batch on emerging technologies with an artificial intelligence bend. Zencity was therefore an obvious choice for us with its strong tech and powerful mission, and we look forward to supporting the Zencity team on a global scale, and helping them grow their presence and product.

Zencity’s goal in joining ScaleUp is to partner with Microsoft on both the technology and business fronts. We are certain working together will be fruitful for us in helping to deliver an even better product and reaching many more cities including those already working with Microsoft. We look forward to scaling even faster with Microsoft’s support.

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