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Zencity Unleashes the Power of Nextdoor Data: A Game-Changer for Community Engagement

In a move aimed at enhancing community engagement for local governments, Zencity has further enhanced its strategic partnership with Nextdoor. This collaboration seeks to empower local government communication leaders by providing them with unprecedented access to community feedback through the Nextdoor platform. The goal is to streamline communication processes, making it easier for governments to connect with their constituents and make informed decisions based on valuable community insights.

Why Zencity and Nextdoor?

 Zencity provides local governments with the tools they need to gather and analyze resident feedback efficiently. Nextdoor, on the other hand, has become a vital hub for community connections, fostering communication among neighbors on a hyper-local level. By combining forces, these two platforms aim to create a synergy that benefits both local governments and the communities they serve..

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What’s new? Gathering Feedback from Neighborhoods 

One of the key objectives of the Zencity-Nextdoor partnership is to optimize the flow of community feedback to local governments. Zencity's data analytics capabilities will now be integrated with Nextdoor's Neighborhoods, providing local government officials with real-time insights into the thoughts, concerns, and suggestions of their constituents.

The inclusion of Nextdoor data in the Zencity dashboard brings unique advantages:

  • New Audiences: Many Nextdoor users are not on mainstream social media networks, providing Zencity users access to a broader range of voices: 30%+ of active Nextdoor users have not visited Facebook in the last month. 
  • Geofencing: Leveraging neighborhood location data, Zencity focuses on hyper-local conversations.
  • Neighborhood Breakdown: Future versions will include data on the neighborhood of origin, offering even more granular insights into resident needs and concerns. 

Key Benefits of the Partnership

  1. Access to Real-time Community Insights: Zencity's analytics tools will enable local governments to monitor neighborhood sentiment in real-time, helping officials stay informed about evolving issues and concerns.
  2. Effortless Communication: The integration of Zencity with Nextdoor simplifies the process of sharing important updates with the community, ensuring that residents are well-informed about local developments.
  3. Data-Driven Local Decision Making: By leveraging the data collected through Zencity's analytics, local governments can make evidence-based decisions that align more closely with the priorities and preferences of their specific communities.
  4. Strengthening Community Relationships: Improved communication and increased community involvement foster stronger relationships between local governments and residents, building trust and collaboration.


The Zencity-Nextdoor partnership marks a significant step forward in the realm of community engagement for local governments. By combining the strengths of Zencity's data analytics with Nextdoor's Neighborhoods, this collaboration promises to revolutionize the way governments connect with and understand their residents at the most hyper-local of levels. 

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