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Zencity Wins Innovate.AI Competition 2018

Zencity is the Winner of Innovate.AI Competition in Israel, hosted by M12, Madrona Venture Group, Notion and Vertex Ventures Israel

As the winner of the Innovate.AI competition in Israel, Zencity has been officially selected from hundreds of startups working to transform the future through AI.

Hosted by M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures), along with their VC partners Vertex Ventures in Israel, Madrona Ventures Group and Notion, the global competition for startups sought out the most promising and innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning technology solutions in the world. Zencity will be awarded one million dollars in venture-backed funding to help us progress the future of AI.

Recognized as Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

Winning the  competition in Israel is both incredibly humbling and validating. Israel has climbed the ranks as a top producer and category-leader of some of the most powerful and cutting-edge AI technology in the world. To have been recognized by M12 and Vertex Ventures – truly global leaders in the venture capital space – as one of the best AI tech startups speaks volumes to the work we’ve done and is a huge feat in the Smart City space.

We’re particularly proud because we’ve been recognized for the strength of algorithms which have the potential to genuinely impact life in cities. At Zencity, we empower cities to use AI to make citizen-backed decisions. Our machine learning algorithms analyze data from hundreds of thousands of public, citizen-generated interactions on social media, city hotlines, and other communication channels to surface sentiment and other trends on an on-going basis and in real-time. The application then provides detailed insights on how citizens view and use their city – and this feedback, in turn, powers decision-making so that civic leaders can improve the lives of the residents they serve.

“Healthy dialogue between a city and its citizens is integral to any prospering community,” said Nagraj Kashyap, Corporate Vice President, Global Head of M12. “That’s why we’re excited to support Zencity in its use of AI to advance communication between cities and its citizens, ensuring that voices are heard.”

We believe it’s a unique opportunity for urban innovators and cities when a Smart City startup wins a global competition of this magnitude for its machine learning solutions, meaning that some of the most advanced technology of today is being used to better how we live and work in cities. With our winnings, we will continue pushing forward to develop the best and most innovative technology solutions for cities, making AI accessible to the public and an invaluable catalyst of positive change in the world we live in.

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