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Zencity Wins Prestigious Global Smart City Expo World Congress 2020 Award

Zencity was announced the winner of the global Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) Awards as “the most innovative and successful project being implemented and developed in the fields of governance and finance” globally. 

The international SCEWC, which took place digitally this year and drew thousands of participants from around the world, is the biggest and most prestigious conference in the smart city arena. Its annual Smart City Awards are granted to “pioneering projects, innovations, ideas and strategies in the smart city field that help develop sustainable and inclusive urban areas around the world.” This year, hundreds of applicants from 46 countries competed for SCEWC’s Smart City global awards, which are known for recognizing only the most impressive city innovation and transformation initiatives.

‘We are deeply humbled to receive this award,” said Eyal-Feder Levy, CEO & Co-Founder of Zencity, “and to work with close to 200 incredible local governments around the world. We’re honored to be recognized alongside so many amazing, impactful, and groundbreaking initiatives.”

Zencity: Data-driven Decision Making for Local Government 

Zencity helps local governments make data-driven decisions based on their communities’ real needs and priorities. Using advanced AI, the platform gathers and analyzes millions of anonymized, aggregated data points of community feedback from various channels such as social media, local broadcast media, and government customer service channels (such as 311 and call centers). It then turns them into actionable insights about trends in the community, highlighting resident priorities for decision-makers in local government. As governments are alerted to these trends in real-time, officials can act immediately, allowing for a more proactive and transparent approach to governing that’s in line with their constituents. 

In competing for the award, Zencity had to demonstrate that it is both innovative and impactful. With its platform, Zencity is revolutionizing the way cities make decisions and foster civic engagement. Our technology analyzes millions of unstructured data points using AI and NLP algorithms to make them structured and actionable for local governments. The data is classified by relevance for various government departments – and today we are helping 180+ local governments around the world better serve their communities as they use Zencity data to inform policies, allocate resources, and craft messaging and communication strategies. 

The communities we work with include major cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago; mid-size communities like Fort Lauderdale, FL, and Tel Aviv, Israel, and small communities like State College, PA. Large and small, cities and counties across the globe have used Zencity to improve crisis communications, inform council decisions, and prioritize resident-focused initiatives, resources and more. This has been particularly true in the times of COVID-19, when, more than ever, local governments have faced a pressing need to understand residents’ requests, concerns and priorities in real-time and on a wide-scale, so that they can obtain a quick feedback loop as they shape their policies, actions and resident-facing messaging strategy.

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