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Best Practices for Effective Messaging during Hurricanes

Each year, hurricanes significantly threaten the safety and well-being of communities across the southern United States, from devastating property and infrastructure damage to potential loss of life. As we reflect on the data collected during the 2022 hurricane season, it is evident that effective communication, in preparation for, during, and after hurricanes is crucial in mitigating the risks and enhancing community resilience. This best practices report aims to provide valuable communication insights to our Zencity partners by leveraging thousands of data points from 84 U.S. cities and counties to efficiently navigate hurricanes' challenges and ensure their communities' safety and well-being.

Emergency Preparedness

This phase emphasizes proactive measures the city, county, and law enforcement agencies should take to prepare the community for potential hurricanes, empower residents to take necessary precautions and enhance their resilience in the face of a hurricane.

Emergency Management

During the height of the storm, efficient and timely communication becomes paramount. Clear and prompt evacuation alerts, flood warnings, and updates on closed roads, power outages, and water supplies are crucial in keeping residents informed and safe.

Recovery and Appreciation for First Responders

In the aftermath of a hurricane, the focus shifts to rehabilitation efforts and acknowledging the contributions of first responders, officials, and volunteers. Communication efforts showcasing the progress of infrastructure reconstruction, debris cleanup, and the return of routine services provide residents with hope and reassurance. Recognizing the efforts of those who worked tirelessly during the emergency helps instill a sense of confidence and pride.

Zencity recommends using the Zencity Engage tool to conduct a hurricane preparedness survey to gather valuable input to assess the community’s sense of readiness, perception of communication efforts and identify areas for improvement.


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