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Mastering Engagement: 4 Key Zencity Parameters

Zencity's Guide to 4 Essential Engagement Parameters
Zencity's Guide to 4 Essential Engagement Parameters

The Challenge

In 2022, the Town of Apex, North Carolina (population 63,000) communications team sought a consultant to advise the organization on improving its communications processes with an assessment and strategy. Specifically, Apex was interested in industry-leading advice and being compared with similar public agencies while understanding how to best respond to the emerging communications challenges and opportunities with their growing organizational needs. 

The Zencity Solution

Zencity conducted a communications assessment of the organization and developed a strategic communications strategy and plan with resourcing recommendations on how to roll this best out. Zencity reviewed current policies and processes, interviewed key stakeholders, including elected representatives, leadership, and communications staff, and compared performance with similar public agencies. The assessment informed an overarching strategy and plan for the communications function and organization. 

Zencity has just such a broad range of knowledge from other municipalities; they are able to benchmark and compare. Overall, this process surpassed my expectations. It was robust, thorough and felt like Zencity really understands what we do and how to do it better going forward. I’m excited we have this partnership. As a result, we can implement new approaches to drive better outcomes.” – Apex Communications Director Stacie Galloway

The Impact

Every recommendation produced was embedded into the City’s strategic plan proposal, passed by City Council following the Zencity assessment and strategy. The strategy also led to a successful campaign to recruit additional resources for the communications function. This included adding a team member to focus on Police Department and Emergency Management Services communications and a recurring survey to track communications performance. 


“This assessment is not just a slide deck. I put Zencity recommendations straight into my departmental plan which fits into our overarching Town Goals. It has practical use. I'm not big on lofty concepts; I am big on: ‘give me the information I can put straight to use.’ That was exactly what working with Zencity was.”

Stacie Galloway

Communications Director, Apex, NC

Stacie Galloway

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